Effective 7/31/2016, the "shopping cart" service I had been using for years went out of business.  As a result, electronic payments after 7/31/2016 will need to be made in a different manner.   Fortunately, there are a number of options:


(a) Check or Money Order

(b) Direct PayPal payment from your account to mine (account:

(c) Credit card/Debit card paid via a PayPal Billing Invoice I can send you  (see below).

(d) Credit card/Debit card payment by means of PayPal's "donation" function


PayPay Billing Invoice

PayPal has been around for years - maybe decades actually.  It began as a service linked to eBay to facilitate payments for the purchase of products on that website. 

Some years ago, PayPal added the ability for its customers to generate invoices that can be sent to customers (or in my case - clients) that they can easily pay by means of a PayPal account or their credit card of preference.  The client does NOT have to have a PayPal account (although it is a great service - and the account is free to set up).  The client just "clicks" on the link in the PayPal invoice to pay it, and then they have the choice to pay the invoice from their PayPal account (which is linked to their checking account or a credit card), or supply their credit card information directly to PayPal and the payment is made by a debit (charge) to that card. 

NOTE - with this service, I will never see the card information - I only will get a notice that I have received a payment. 

Just be sure in the COMMENTS section of the payment screen to include your NAME and the INVOICE NUMBER.  I often have several invoices for different clients each month with the same charge - so trying to match a payment with a client could be a challenge.

If you would like a PayPal invoice, simply e-mail me and I will send you one usually within 24 hours.


PayPal "Donation" Function

PayPal has a built-in function may charitable organizations use to facilitate the donations from supporters.   Unfortunately, there is no way to rename "donation" on its website; however, the function appears to work flawlessly.  You click on the link below.  You enter in the amount of your payment, then record your invoice number, and then provide your name, address and your debit/credit card number.  When you press the "donate" button, the payment is made and deposited into my account. 




Once you make the payment, you will get an e-mail confirmation that looks like the following (I made a $1 payment just to check out the process):



So, there are a number of options that can be used to take care of an invoice besides the traditional mailing of a check or money order.

If you have any question about this change in procedure, please get back to me.


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