The best way to contact me for assistance with the resolution of your IRS or State tax controversy [an audit, a collection action (such as an offer-in-compromise (OIC), collection due processing (CDP), trust fund recovery penalty (TFRP) or appeal of an adverse audit or collection determination], consultation or for the preparation of personal income tax returns, is via E-mail at:

I monitor my E-mail many times during the day, so I should be getting back to you within a few hours, or 24-hours at the longest.  You may also call my office at: (818) 842-5927, or send a fax to:  (818) 845-6031.

 Finally, you can occasionally find me on AOL's Instant Messenger (screen name: dicknorton).  If you catch me online there, feel free to send me a chat request. 

Dick Norton, EA
Tax Resolution Specialist

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